ZIRA Natural & Gourmet - "Nature's Heritage"

About us

The history of ZIRA

Our love and passion for Great Azerbaijan, inspired us to search for old recipes handed down by our Great Grandmothers, which otherwise would have been lost over time. We discovered old and traditional recipes that Azerbaijan was famous for in ancient times.
This is how and why the ZIRA Natural brandname was born in 2015. 

Our concept principle

Our products are handmade and completely natural. This means we apply no chemicals,
or preservatives to any of our food products. Our Food Co. is not only about us, it is about Azerbaijan, its history, culture and unique spirit! It is also about the sacred family values, respect and loyalty to our past, present and future! 

Collaboration with Small-scale farmers across the country

We receive our raw material only from small-scale farmers across Azerbaijan. Small scale farmers are still maintaining the old growing style – they do not apply pesticides and other hazardous elements during farming. These specially and carefully grown fruits and vegetables are meant to be consumed by their own family members and this is how we receive the best quality seasonal fruits and vegetables, that are available, at all times. 

No Chemicals

We receive fresh fruits and vegetables every single day and start production immediately. We do not store raw materials, we just produce completely fresh food, the moment the raw materials are delivered to our Factories until they & the food process is completely finished!
A shelf life of 18 months from the day of production is achieved naturally, using our own unique sterilization method at the end of the cooking process. 

Seasonal production

Azeri cuisine is one of the richest in the world. Located at the crossroads of East and West – this has had a unique influence on Azerbaijani cuisine. Here one may find the most delicious and exquisite types of Azeri cuisine, rich in flavors, spices and most important of all, food that is completely fresh and natural.

Participation in exhibitions

Products of ZIRA successfully participate in many international exhibitions and adequately represent Azerbaijan!

We also export!

Our products are happily export to different countries around the world like USA, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, UAE and etc.